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Crowd Funding!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I've been asked a few times about doing a crowdfunding campaign to kick off our fundraising to get Simplicity Gluten Free off the ground here. I have a few ways you can help us out.

** An Update! I believe I have found the perfect location where we can call our first location a home! Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg has a few spaces available and the one that I believe will work best for this concept is the old Ruby Tuesday Space. The mall is willing to work with me but we will have to completely renovate the space which will not be cheap. The price tag I am currently looking at and expect it to rise with inflation is around $650K! (I know, that is a lot of money but its actually less than it would be if I had to purchase a deep freeze/fridge, conveyor dishwasher and some of the other equipment left behind.)

  1. To just give us money to get our start, you are welcome to send money to our paypal account. is how you can find us through PayPal. CashApp is $SimplicityGlutenFree

Venmo is @SimplicityGlutenFree

Buy one of our t-shirts from store powered by Bonfire!

  1. Shop through our Affiliate Links that will be posted in the site and here in this blog post! The way this works is that you click on the links and shop like you normally shop and then we get a small commission that will go back to the business. None of this money is going back to me personally.

  2. You are welcome to donate through our Go Fund Me!

A. Holy Grail Steak Company -

B. Amazon! You can literally order anything from amazon through our links and it will help us get our start by us earning a small commission

with each transaction! Amazon will be powering our online grocery store!

C. Purchasing gfJules gluten free flour through my link as we earn a small commission with each sale!

D. Hurley! You know, the really awesome, warm and functional clothes that we all want to wear when we go skiing or comfy summer wear that we all love to wear to the beach? I love that their clothes are gluten free! :) When you shop through our links, we make a small commission which will help us get our start and gain financial momentum to keep moving here!

E. The Zwilling Group! They have all kinds of really awesome knives and cookware from great companies like Henkles, Bellarini, and many more!!!

F, Swiss Made Marketing! Folks, I am really excited about this one as this company has been one that I have used for several years now for Search Engine Optimization and figuring out how to best hit my target market online. Its by far the best kept marketing secret!

G. 24/7 Press Release

H. Michaels Craft Stores!!! This is significant to us because many of our cake decorating supplies were purchased at Michaels!

I. EBay is now in my family of affiliate accounts! Just about everything is on ebay so if you are shopping through ebay, please use my link which will bring me a small commission to help us get our start and stay afloat in a very unstable economy.

J. So happy to announce an affiliate partnership with Rawlings! Our family is a big sports family so this makes me really happy! Shopping through our links earns us a small commission which helps us get our start and keep going in an unstable economy!

K. I am thrilled to announce an affiliate relationship with Gluten Free Mall! I've desired to have more relationships with other companies that are providing gluten free items so this is a win all the way around!

L. I am thrilled to announce an affiliate relationship with Budget Golf! Shopping through this link helps us get our start!

M. I am thrilled to announce an affiliate relationship with Culinary Depot! Shopping through our links helps us get our start!

N. I am thrilled to announce an affiliate relationship with The Shelving Store! For those of us who love to have things neat and organized, this is a great spot to start shopping for ways to organize all the things!

O. I am thrilled to announce an affiliate relationship through Waterdrop! They have many options for reverse osmosis water filters/systems among other things! Please check them out and consider shopping through our link as that helps us get our start!

For those wondering why I am so passionate about starting this restaurant concept and keeping it debt free.... I have a few reasons behind it.

  1. I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes many years ago. This helped our family out so much over the years but one of the things it really drove home was how much debt really holds you back from what you want to do. ( if you want to see what I am talking about.)

  2. Stability. Debt will steal our stability. I will already have extra expenses that most restaurants don't have in having to pay for such as the gluten free testing and labeling. Its very expensive. Our ingredients are also more expensive than most other restaurants so that will be something else that has to be considered. Labor costs would already be higher because I have a niche business that requires more training than most other places.

  3. Debt will limit us, Goals cannot be met until the debt is paid off so its so much easier to not go into it with debt!

  4. Chris Hogan is one of my heroes. He is so much more eloquent than I am and states it well in this article:

  5. Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful from ABC’s Shark Tank) is saying the same thing...

  6. I like staying within limits of the money I have and lots of stability so we'll keep going with our debt free approach! Thanks for supporting us!

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