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Sad Update

I have a sad update... I was in a car accident on 3/11/2022 where I was rear ended. I am struggling quite a bit physically after this accident so it will take me a bit longer to open than I would like to. I have quite a bit of healing to do as my neck and back are a hot mess. (Kids and hubs were not with me...)

So while I am healing, I am going to be focusing on the following actions to be moving forward just at a slower pace....

  1. I found space at Tyrone Square Mall and am working with a company to figure out what equipment will fit in the space. (Old Ruby Tuesday Space for those who want to walk by and check it out.)

  2. Continuing to figure out all of my costs although I am still thinking from here to open will cost around $650K.

  3. Continuing to raise money - please see our crowd funding post -

Since I have personal goals that also have to be met in addition to the crowd funding for the restaurant, I became a mobile notary to help meet those goals. (Yes, I'll keep the notary current after I open the restaurant so you can come dine and get your documents notarized!) Please see my website and give me a shout if I can help with any of the services that I am offering.

I appreciate all the love and support! Prayers are also welcome!

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