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Gluten Free Groceries... Like where in the world do you find them?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

When I started my gluten free journey years ago, I had this question as well. Where do I find these elusive groceries that are safe for me to eat. I had the added struggle of additional food allergies so it seemed like there was nothing to eat. Talk about frustrating! I'd like to share some strategies with you but also a link to my Gluten Free Grocery Store on Amazon! If you click the banner ad, it will take you to my online shop where you can search for the products that work best for you.

First, I recommend knowing what all the different words are that mean gluten before you head out to shop. has a great list of things to avoid here:

***** Please be diligent and read all labels and don't just assume something is safe.

Second, I recommend shopping the outside of the store as you will find many items that are naturally gluten free. I tend to start with the product department and work my way around to the meat department. Next we find our way to the dairy department.... There are a lot of options just in those few departments. Frozen foods has a bunch of great offerings. Shopping the rest of the aisles can be challenging but if you go into it armed with the list above of what words to avoid on the labels, you'll be set up for success.

I recommend looking for the products you find on websites like ibotta and your store's couponing app to see if there are discounts available because these items are going to be a little more expensive. (I'll explain pricing in a future webinar...) Also, if you reach out to the companies directly, many will send you coupons either by mail or by email. Enjoy LIfe is especially good about this.

Lastly, I recommend trying things that might be outside your comfort zone. You never know if that new item from that new company might become your latest crave..... My rule of thumb is that if its safe, its a good idea to give it a try and see if you like it.

Here are a few of my staple pantry items for those wondering what I really enjoy:

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